A lot of things changed in my life in 2012.

I changed careers which was a truly life-altering event. I went from a normal 8-5 desk job that carried with it a lot of stress, demoralizing office politics, managing of people, nonsensical government over-regulation and a few really good friends – to working a 100% commission based sales job managing only me-myself-and-I and getting to do all my own marketing and decision making in Real Estate.

My youngest son started Kindergarten, I started a new chapter of a charity called Twilight Wish in St. Louis, and lots of other small changes as well.

Now that the Mayan Calendar Apocalypse Crisis is over, the year is rapidly coming to a close and we will soon be ringing in the New Year. I am firmly against “resolutions” as they are usually forgotten about by February so instead I am developing my “2013 Plan For Greatness” and hope you all will follow along and develop your own plans for greatness as well!

A large part of the “2013 Plan For Greatness” this year is going to revolve around building a healthy life style for myself and my family. Step one on that long journey is joining in on my city’s “Biggest Loser” competition. I signed up today! It is a 5 month competition that includes access to a fitness center, 4 personal training sessions, weekly weigh ins and challenges and group support. It officially starts on January 7th and I am very excited! As the time draws near I will be posting a lot more about it including video blog posts like the one shown below. I hope you enjoy following along with me!

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